Yoga and Sports

Yoga and Sports 1Yoga and Sport are both good for your health. However, many girls confuse in choosing practice Yoga or playing other sports as like choosing the best induction cooktop or choosing a new microwave. In this case, you must know clearly your needs, your health situation, the ability of arranging time before making your decisions. In this articles, we will show you some differences between yoga and sports.

Yoga and sports have many differences in which the easiest way to see difference is to base on the yoga’s benefits. Sports often refer to enhance power of muscles by fast, constant action. However, your mental status will not under control so we may neglect this temporary health and we are easily to get in bad lifestyles.Yoga and Sports 2

Yoga is the combination or connection between various movements. It creates the balance between mental and physical human status with the aim of reducing stress and tension due to modern lives. When practicing Yoga, your ability in concentrating will increase significantly because only when you pay attention and really want to carry out Yoga poses, you can do it accurately.

The most interesting thing Yoga brings is that yoga can touch to every organs in body whereas, other sports only focus on some groups of muscles. For examples, playing badminton only enhances power for wrist, arm, hip, leg and thigh because these parts are being moved frequently. Therefore, the growth of muscles is not fair in body. Yoga with variety postures will let all body’s parts being trained.


Yoga exercises often require slow, flexible action combination with deep breathing and rest time among posture. These exercises do not create pressure on heart. In fact, these exercises provide more oxygen for blood and vigor for organs to gain more and more energy. Your body will be better when all organs accurately carry out their functions under the smart control of your mind…

Yoga and Sports 3

One regulation in practicing yoga that many sports do not have is to concentrate on breathing, adjusting your body. After practicing Yoga exercises, you will feel joyful and optimistic. This is the reason why you will stick to yoga longer than other sports.

One more different sign between yoga and sport is that some sports are not suitable for adults or children, in which for yoga, every can practice regardless ages, gender even patient with certain diseases. On the other hand, some sports are only suitable for the young such as hiking; skiing or some sports require a good health to take part in. Yoga does not require you to practice until exuding sweat. You just need to repeat a couple of times for one posture to enhance your internal and external health.

Yoga and Sports 4

Moreover, you can practice Yoga wherever and whenever. Instead of going to tennis, badminton or gym club, you can save time and practice Yoga at home. You can gain much more time to prepare dinner and try to do new dishes with your induction cooktop you have just bought or do interesting and significant things for your family.