Tips for choosing the best family tent

Tips for choosing the best family tent 1Nowadays more and more family goes camping in the weekend to tighten relationship among family members and enjoy the best moment together such as seeing sunset, sunrise, blue sky or twinkle star…

When go camping, the first thing you must think about is tent because a good tent will make sure your sleep quality and prevent your skin from biting of insects or protect us from bad weather and strange animals. Everyone knows this; however, not many campers know how to choose the best family tent. Here, we refer some useful tips.

  1. Consider price

Tips for choosing the best family tent 5

Good tent is often required a good price. However; you should carefully consider the price and make right decision in choosing tent because this may depend on variety situation.

If you are a new camper and you are not sure whether you will go camping frequently or not, you should chose tent with proper price and normal quality. With this tent, the ability of dealing with bad weather is not good so that you should not choose the campsite in the areas suffering severe weather.

After a few month, if you want to stick to your camping hobby, you can consider about selling your old tent and buy a new one with higher quality.

  1. Size and weight of tent

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Each travelling tent always indicates the number of campers using that tent. However, tent size if often calculated in order to proper with human bodies to reduce the weight that a camper has to bring.

Therefore, if you choose a 2- person tent, you will feel uncomfortable because of lacking space without including the space for things you bring. In reality, a 4 – person tent is only good for 2 adults and 2 kids.

  1. Two-layer or one-layer tent

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Two-layer tent is thicker and waterproof; however; this is heavy and hot in the sunny days. One-layer is not as good as in the ability of waterproof but it is lighter. Therefore, you should notice the time you buy to choose one layer or two-layer tent.

  1. Other factors

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You also should consider the tent shape. There are many tent shapes in the market and you may feel confused in choosing. The tent shape that like letter A is the popular choice of campers because you can install your tent within a few minutes without requiring high skills.

You should ask for receiving advice of previous campers to gain much more experiences. When you going to shop, you should suggest the sellers permit you to get in the tent to feel. Moreover, before you go camping, you should practice install tent a couple of time to save time.

To have a good camping trip, a good preparation is required. You should prepare clothes, medicine, detailed plan. You can bring good camera for saving great moment with your family. The most important thing is keep your mind freely to enjoy and enjoy without worrying about some things in your daily life such as work, pressure…