Some tips for you When Hunting Deer

In order to get away from the fast pace of our daily life, several people tend to take up activities in which they can challenge themselves against nature. These days one of the most favoured games is deer hunting, which definitely brings about great amazement. Here are some necessary deer hunting tips that you should bear in mind.

deer hunting


  • Scout an area: Finding the best hunting area is one of the key elements to success. You need to find a familiar hunting land, then get a permit from owners. Scouting the area also includes getting to know every available access, secret spots, common weather conditions, which places deer often appear,…
  • Pack your survival kit: Normally it is suggested that you should equip yourself properly with matches/lighters, binoculars, a compass, a knife, some snack and water, a first aid kit,…
  • Get your weapon ready: You can use either bows or rifles. Firearms prove to be more helpful, as long as you remember to get a necessary license and follow safety tips. Besides, you should choose your rifle smartly with suitable ammunition and scope. One AR 15 rifle scope favoured by several hunters these days is Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret, Black, 4-12×40.

During the game

Keep in mind that you should never hunt alone. Enjoying the game with some people does not only make your hunting trip far more exciting but also avoids getting lost, so you will be safe.

In case your GPS device does not work, remember to bring a map on which certain places for deer have been marked. Coming to those areas, you can easily find signs of deer by searching for possible scrapes, rubs, and trails.

Since deer are extremely sensitive to strange odor, it is important that you should utilize cover scent. The most useful scent to fool deer is baking soda.

There are numerous ways to attract deer to your place, some of which are using rattling antlers, urine, doe estrus sprays or simply mimic their calls. Once you have lured a deer to your place, prepare to shoot the animal. The perfect distance to shoot is 20 or 30 yards.

Stand up as soon as you have got the desired distance. The most humane spots to shoot are upper shoulders, neck, and brain.

Finish your shot

When the deer has been hit, it is time for you to examine its blood to check which spot has been shot and for how long the animal will survive. The best sign is pink blood with air bubbles, while watery blood means that you must hit it once more to completely kill it.

The deer will not fall down immediately and will run away for a while. Remember to wait 30 minutes before following its blood trail, since the animal may run farther if it can spot someone is chasing. When you have got to its place, call some friends to help you carry it out of the woods.