Sleeping tips on camping trips

Camping is the interesting and useful outdoor activity for all ages, children and adults, the youth and senior. One of the requirements of camping is sound conditions of sleeping in the outdoors.

The first preparation is to bring in the right equipment, like a pad, mattress or any types of the sleeping platform for your healthy sleep on rough grounds during the cold night.


This post gives you some tips to help you choose the right type to support your sleep outside. The suitable sleeping bags need ensure:

  • The appropriate temperature that you feel warm and comfortable when sleeping on the cold grounds and weather days.
  • The suitable insulation, firm or soft texture depending on your interest and sleeping positions.
  • The convenient backpacking that means lightweight and small enough to travel.

If you can understand what the right sleeping bag is, you will find out the characteristics of each type to buy a good one that is suitable for the particular destinations.


Sleeping positions

To keep the good night sleep in your trip, you should think of your mutual sleeping positions. It’s better to sleep on the sides with straight arms down on one side of the bed. Side sleepers often have the comfortable sleep that is difficult to wake up at midnight and gives many heath benefits by stretching during sleeping. Moreover, if you use the best mattress for side sleepers, you will increase more comfortable ratios and get rid of the stress.

These are some tips to help you have a good preparation for outdoor camping. I hope you can learn useful things to enjoy your trips.

Types of sleeping platform

camping trĂ­p

  • Self-inflating pads: They are thin and light sleeping pads, and also small enough for the convenient travel. The thicker pads support more comfort, but the thinner are also the good insulation. It’s ideal to choose the pads 1 and 2 for campers, pads 2.5 and up are heavier and bigger that makes you uncomfortable with the heavy backpacking.
  • NeoAir sleeping pad: Although they’re low weight, they still give enough comfort for the nice sleeping. They’re not used for sharply rough grounds or if you want the appropriate ratios more than the average, they are not a good choice. They also are not suitable pads unless you are ready to spend more than a minute to fill the air.
  • Air mattress: The luxury way for sleeping on outside camping. Remember the foot pump to inflate the air mattresses or you can run out of the energy to finish their setting. Certainly like the home mattresses, they can give the comfortable night sleep and the safety even if you sleep on the rough grounds. But they’re heavy to make the inconvenient backpacking, and also require much time and effort to inflate. They are the interesting sleeping platform for kids, however, they’re not given enough insulation in cases the temperature drops suddenly.
  • Camping cot: They’re suitable for camping in the long term. They help you avoid cold and rough grounds in the distance. Although they are not able to give the insulation, you can add extra pads to increase the comfort. They are a good way for newbies to get used to sleeping the outside, and also for people with painful backs to get benefits on camping for a long time use. They have some disadvantages, much time for preparation, large size and heavy weight.
  • Hammock: The strange and interesting way can be used in the hot weather days. You can be healthy in a distance from rough and cold grounds. They’re very convenient to bring in because of their lightweight, small size, funny, and comfort. However, they are not be used for a long time since they make your backs painful and able to flop back.