Prepare carefully for your hunting trip

Before going hunting, if you have the good equipment, for example, one best ar 15 scope, we are sure that you do not need to be nervous too much. Of course, you must prepare really carefully so that the trip achieves the highest result. So what you need to do?

1. Determine your budget.

2. Decide the place of hunting

3. Arrange the hunting tool equipped with you during the trip

You need to bring the tools with some different size to be always willing with any situations in fact at the hunting places, for instance: the distance between you and the prey.

4. The needed hunting skills in order to be alive in the forest

  • Organize the hunting trip in the acquainted forest to know of where preys are (maybe they are looking for the food and drink, hunting their prey or so on). This helps you can go ahead to the place of the animal most quickly.
  • If you want to strange places for hunting, must have a good memory, so that although today you can lose a prey in somewhere, tomorrow you will see it in another place nearby.
  • To realize the animal, you have to understand the signs of them in the area of hunting, like hair, feces, mud or footprints on the lawn, tree stem, and ground, hum, special odor,… If you want to detect many kinds of prey through the hum, you need to come in the forest or jungle more often, or more easily you just usually see the film of the wildlife.
  • To be closer to the wild animal, you and your mate need to hide, deceive, integrate and camouflage really cleverly in the hunting place on both odor and color. One ideal position to hide for you is the shield, where the prey can’t see you.
  • Because some body parts like face, foot and hands can’t be coated with clothes, you must provide your skin with ash, clay, soot and charcoal.
  • You need to prepare the clothing that its color is the same as the natural scene.
  • Scarf and hat with the light color and the sunlight reflecting jewelry (necklaces, watches, glasses…) are things you should not carry when to go hunting.
  • Water bottle, key, and other metal items should not be brought along with you because of their noise.
  • Perfume, odor chemicals, wind oil and cigarette are not used.
  • Move softly: flinch legs, walk a stop, put the feet down, after that put the heel down but not fast and strongly.
  • Come to be closer to the animal from the reasonable direction, use some pasty mud to remove the odor on your body, stick some leaves on you to integrate more and help yourself hard to be realized.
  • If you stand too nearly to the prey, as likely as not you will beat your heart fast, shake your hands, and get sweat. So, please breathe deeply, and exhale lightly sometimes and you will calm down soon.
  • Some positions you ought to fire the gun on the body of preys are neck bone, scapula, and head. But if your firearm is a bow and arrows, that position will be somewhere close to their heart.
  • Be careful if there is one injured beast escaped because it can hide while you are following their blood traces to catch it, and so quickly come back to attack you.
  • And last but not least, be careful with your prey even when it seems to die, as it can just pretend and reflect the last time before it dies but so dangerous.

Hope that after referring our above advice, you will have a hunting trip really happy.