Ideas of Outdoor Activities for Office People in Lunch Time

At the present time, all young people working in office are always busy with their dream in career. They work hard, practice new technologies, new skills in working process, research deeply and study new knowledge by themselves. All day time, from the morning and through afternoon, even into night, they execute the series of tasks as meeting with colleagues, customers; working with computer, laptop; printing papers; using photocopy machine, best paper shredder; making phone calls … Sometime, they want to do extra activities beside the working tasks for relax, but do not have any ideas. In our article today, we will provide some suggestions that everyone can join in lunch time, just several minutes, to recharge energy for the rest of day.

Ideas of Outdoor Activities for Office People in Lunch Time

There are many kinds of outdoor activities and they are divided in five sections: Relaxing, Team Sport, Fun, Adventurous and Extreme. For office people in short time during lunch hour, we advice that they can participate in Team Sport activities or Fun and Relax ones.

  1. Team Sport:

Suggestions for this idea are Yoga and Sport Courses. Your lunch time is about one and half of hours that is enough to organize a yoga class or any soft sport course (classic or modern dance class, basic gym class…) in 30 minutes. Your class might hire a professional instructor or run by yourself with playing guide videos (you can find guide ones easily on Sometime, we will meet the problem in finding place for arrange the class, you can connect with gym, yoga studio near to your office, of if your office has any free room with enough space, you can use for this activity.

Ideas of Outdoor Activities for Office People in Lunch Time 2

All companies have budget or plan for team building activities, so that you should raise this idea with Human Resource Department for any support. You should ask your colleagues or other staff in your company to join this idea. This activity brings benefits to employees as balancing the work and life, getting out of stress, having a good relaxation.


  1. Fun and Relaxing.

If your schedule is not suitable with any sport course, you might choose to join other activities for having short break from your working desk. You can refer some of our suggestions below:

– Picnics: If there is any park, public garden… near to your office, this activity is quite of easy to organize in lunch time; you can invite your friends or colleagues to join. Everyone will bring their food and share with each others, have time to chat with fun stories… This will be the time getting off all pressure of work, freeing your mind and recharging energy.

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– Walking: Our office is placed near to a lake, a small lake. Every day, after having lunch, we have a habit to walk around this lake in 15 minutes. It is enough for us to relax before comeback to work.

– Cycling: Some of my friends go to work by bicycle, it is kind of doing exercise in morning or their home is quite near to the office. And then, in afternoon, they ride their bicycle to some restaurant to have lunch. They said that, the biking distance is meaningful for their day time, it makes them become less tense and anxious.

There are more and more ideas for outdoor activities which you can do it in lunch time. The purpose of these activities is bringing the joyful moment into working days. We do hope that office people who are too busy to have time for relax or doing recreative activities will find useful way to balance their life.