Hunting in winter tips

If you want to go for hunting but you cannot fulfill your target due to winter season. You can enjoy your hunting in snow falls you can find the prey very easily in winter by preparing some proper strategies and planning.

hunting in winter

Strategies and planning for hunting in winter:

1. Focus the rich food sources area:

Animals are looking for the food in coldness. You should focus the rich food sources area. Mostly animals such as deer are stuffing themselves with abundance of food for the winter season.

2. Your body burns calories in cold:

By moving around too much for hunting, your body burns calories in cold. Remaining outside in the so cold season for longtime can take away the energy of your body, you can feel colder and unable you to hunt successfully. For this purpose you can use snacks or other warm food to fuel your body. You can also try hot drinks to keep your body warm in winter.

3. Forecast weather for before going for Hunting:

You can check weather forecast and make plan according to the weather, if there is forecasting snow falling or rain then you can select another day. It is better to choose sunny day for hunting. If it is not possible then choose the day at that day forecast less temperature.

4. Follow the track to check the area of your prey:

If you are hunting in snow season then it is best to take advantage from it by apparent of animal’s tracks at snow. You can follow the track to check the area of your prey.

5. Use comfortable and warm clothes:

To keep yourself warn in too coldness, you can use the warm clothes to keep your body warm for perfect accuracy otherwise you will not enjoy with hunting. However, bulky clothes are not best for hunting because these can be noisy as well as uncomfortable. It is better to wear well insulating, breathable and comfortable layers. You should choose the tight boots with thin soles so that you can feel the ground beneath in order to walk stealthily without creating any noise. Mostly animals are very cautious about noise and smell so avoid wearing the noisy dress as well as specific smell.

6. Practice for hunting in chilled air:

Go for hunting in the chilled air for practice, it is suggested to wear the same clothes which you want to wear during scouting. Practice more and more can make your hunting more successful. It is best for gun hunters to do practice in full winter bulk because your gun can mount in different manner instead of warmer fall days.

7. Be silent throughout your hunting:

You may need to be silent while hunting because any noise can deprive you from prey. Mostly animals has sharp sense, they can feel like kind noise and run away. So avoid creating noise by your act, clothes and shoes. Avoid running away in the field because it can become noisy due to the presence of leaves in the field.

8. Best time of hunting is after noon:

In winter season, surviving bucks are worn out and eager to rest. So they return to their living areas earlier and often so much early for you to catch those while legal shoot hours. So, afternoons is the best time to hunting the animals more easily.


You should not stalk and hunt at the same time. Just pay attention toward moving noiselessly your eyes to the ground and be silent to study your surrounding for game. Keep in mind that in winter season mostly animals remain inactive and seldom seen and there are falling leaves in the forest that is not suitable for hunting because your hunting can become more visible to the game. You can enjoy your hunting more successfully by making useful and better planning.