How to create a real adventure for deer hunting party?

You are deer hunters? So, are you doing the same things during many and many years hunting? Are you bored with it: scouting in the same properties, in the same bedding area, the same type of deer? From that point, how about adding some more interesting by making it into an adventure of deer hunting?

1. Plan a new tactic

Always, the very first chore you have to do every time preparing for hunting party is to create a tactic. Without it, you cannot get success and big reward, so why do not you make a wonderful adventure from this starting point? Adventure is something you cannot predict anything, not do the same thing and experience the differences. Do you intend to hunt in the same way, same plan till the end of your hunter life. Let’s make a new thing this year. Try a new tactic. How about “run and gun” tactic? Or the different kind of weapon? …

2. Hunt different properties

A large number of deer is hunted the same properties year after year. You, as a hunter, already know what time they bed, time they wake up, which place they usually find the food sources and the positions you often sit to wait for them. Ok, it is good to know clearly about the habits of deer as well as the properties. But if it prolongs for a time, you will get bored because there is nothing new for you to explore, to scout or to achieve.

Hunt different properties
It is time trying a new property, knocking on the new doors for permissions, learning about the habits of deer and finding a new place to sit, to wait and to hunt excitedly.

3. Travel abroad or just out of your state

If you are never ever travelling abroad for a hunt, you are missing a wonderful experience. Hunting in new properties is a huge step to be out of a hunting rut. Out of state will give you a new chance to get a nice adventure but before that, you need to understand that this will lead to many differences you must get acquainted with such as new area, new culture, new region and even new type of deer. This year you may make a trip to the north for a traditional big wood experience or come to the west to open your mind with new types of wild deer. No matter which place you choose, it will give you an unforgettable memories.
Travel abroad

4. Back to countryside:

If you have experienced new tactics, new properties as well as new regions, how about go back to countryside for new mood? This will be not much new for mule deer hunters but for whitetail hunter us, it is very new. There are a lot of choices for you to choose such as up to the north, come to the west or just down to the south, hunting in deep and organize a campfire, etc.