10 benefits of jogging

10 benefits of jogging 1According to a recent research, you can reduce potential risk of suffering serious diseases through only 30 minutes for jogging every day. Moreover, jogging can improve your heart, mind and support you in weight loss as well as increase labor productivity.

Good for heart system

That recent research carried out in England has indicated that jogging can prevent you from being suffering diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Especially, for women, jogging can reduce the risk of suffering heart diseases under 11%.

Prevent breast cancer

10 benefits of jogging 2

Within a few hours/day for jogging, you can keep you far away from getting breast cancer- a disease that many women have to suffer. Moreover, jogging can expose the abundant fat and increase estrogen productivity.

The research’s result on 74.000 women from 50 to 79 ages has pointed out women with normal health has reduce the risk of suffering breast cancer under 30%, whereas overweight- women just reduce from 10-20%. Therefore, everyone should practice jogging regularly to control your weight and to enhance your health effectively.

Improve your sleep quality

10 benefits of jogging 3

Have a quick jogging in the morning and in the afternoon will bring you a better sleep quality. It is believed that jogging can increase the amount of serotonin that can make you feel relaxed at night.

However, you should not jog 2 hours before you go to bed because it is too late for your body to return in the rest condition. Improve sleep quality is also one of the best benefits that you should try to carry out.

Ease your pain

10 benefits of jogging 4

Jogging can ease your pain and relax better. It makes your body in balance situation due to the practice of your arm and your hand. The consequence is that the pain situation will reduce. It is wonderful benefits of jogging, isn’t it?

Reduce tension


Like yoga’s benefit, jogging can also make your mind joyful and forget all sorrow, tension in your life. Through 30 minutes for jogging every day, you will be in a good mood because jogging will produce the endorphin to improve your emotion for make you optimistic more and more.

30 jogging minutes a day can prevent you from overweight, especially for people lacking time to do exercises. Moreover, if a woman can jog 1 hour/day, it means 5 times/ week; so her body will burn 1.500 calories/a day and reduce 11kg/year. Jogging can help to control your weight effectively.

Improve your mind

10 benefits of jogging 6

A research implementing on old ages group has shown that if you jog 45 minutes/week, you can prevent from being Alzheimer. Jogging make your brain is in action and they become smarter.

Protect bone structure

10 benefits of jogging 7

Only 30 jogging minutes, 3 times/ week, you can protect your bone structure. When you jog, 95% of your muscles have to move. This process helps your bone stronger. This is also a good benefit for your health that jogging brings to us.

Enhance labor productivity

10 benefits of jogging 8

Jogging can make your body in flexible situation. Hence, your muscles will be relaxed and reduce tension. Your body will be good as follow and that the reason why your induration will increase. This make your labor productivity improved.

Save money and time

10 benefits of jogging 9

Last but not least, you do not have to spend time and money to register in gym club to have a healthy body and good shape. If you are a busy person, you just need to prepare good shoes for jogging in the morning before going to your office. You should set up and remain a habit of jogging every day.